A Video to Help out Hiring Process

When I found out that we were going to gain a new client that would create more work than we could handle, I got pretty excited. I had found a company that does corporate video production in Singapore, and I had been eager to use their services. I just had to wait for the right opportunity, and this one was perfect for that. I knew that prospective employees would be able to tell if they wanted to work with us after watching a short, informative video, and it would actually save us a lot of time since we would not interview people who were not a good fit for our company. Continue reading A Video to Help out Hiring Process

How Hard is It to Develop Apps?

I was on my way to college the other day and like a lot of travelers I ended up stuck in an airport waiting room. It was not like it was any different from most other trips, but I did meet this guy who was on a business trip. He was Asian, but I did not know where he was from until he told me that he was a Singapore app developer and that he was in the USA to talk to a number of his clients face to face. I got to thinking about the job and how it was in theory an almost perfect line of work for me. Of course right now I do not know how to do it, but they teach this sort of thing in school and that is where I was going. You would need to focus on the task and learn how to do a lot of things related to computer science. Obviously the most important thing would be learning the mobile operating systems, iOS for apple devices and android for just about everything else. Continue reading How Hard is It to Develop Apps?