A Video to Help out Hiring Process

When I found out that we were going to gain a new client that would create more work than we could handle, I got pretty excited. I had found a company that does corporate video production in Singapore, and I had been eager to use their services. I just had to wait for the right opportunity, and this one was perfect for that. I knew that prospective employees would be able to tell if they wanted to work with us after watching a short, informative video, and it would actually save us a lot of time since we would not interview people who were not a good fit for our company.

That meant that the video would have to weed out the wrong workers for us, which meant that it had to be a stellar piece of work. That is why I was excited, because the company that I hired to create the hiring video is known for their creativity. I met with one of the team members who would be working on the video, and I explained everything that was needed in it. I thought that it would take some time to explain, but the person I met with was on board with what I wanted from the beginning.

I wanted the video on our website, which is where we were directing people who were interested in working for us. I knew that if they saw the video, they would know whether they were a right fit for us or not. While I was looking to not waste our time with useless interviews, I knew that the people who wanted to interview did not want to waste their time either. The video that was created to showcase what we were looking for was absolutely perfect, and it made it so we only interviewed qualified workers.

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